So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

February 14, 2012 Jason Nakai

This past February's event will be the last event for Webuquerque as you've come to know it. The new leadership has decided to take things in a different direction and, after discussion with Emily and me, the group decided that continuing with the Webuquerque name was not the right approach.

While this means we will no longer host presentations as we have in the past, this site will remain available for future news about Webuquerque and Adobe, along with all the content from the past three years. We will also maintain Webuquerque's social networking profiles to share news and updates.

Don't Panic!

Webuquerque was always about you, the community. An end to the Webuquerque we've all grown to love doesn't mean an end to our wonderful community. Ben, Brian and Zerek are forming a new group, which will initially operate a lot like Webuquerque. However, they envision it will soon evolve into something different, more exciting and community-driven.

There will be no event in March, while the new group begins laying its foundations, but they anticipate events will start in April. Keep an eye/ear out for news to come.

A Million Thank Yous

Webuquerque had an absolutely amazing three-year run, thanks entirely to the community. Thank you all for the support, friendship and community you brought to Webuquerque. Emily and I will never forget it, and we look forward to supporting the community as it evolves. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

P.S. We will be posting recaps for both 2012 presentations as soon as we get the content. Stay tuned!