Recap: Strictly Social

January 17, 2011 Zerek Welz

For our January 5 event, we hosted a little "get to know you" soiree to kick off our third year. If you were unable to attend or need a refresher, we've got you covered:


Welcome back to another great year with Webuquerque! We have a great lineup of presentations this year that you shouldn't miss or you will be sad, oh so sad. Think about all the awesome people you will miss out on catching up with. Just like the awesome people you missed if you didn't attend this month's Strictly Social event.

We kicked off the event with a short introduction from each attendee. The microphone gave a lot of feedback that no one appreciated, so it won't be invited next time. Peter Mezensky won best introduction and received nothing as award, but he can come back.

Also, Greg Gomez (who organizes speaking presentations for the UNM's Information Architects group regularly) extended an invitation to any Webuquerque speaker who would like to either practice their Webuquerque presentation or just present for the fun of it. If you are interested, contact Emily and she'll be happy to connect you with Greg.

After the introductions, food was ordered and talk was made, and there was much rejoicing. (If you haven't tried the green chile alfredo from One Up you are missing out.)


Photos are available on Flickr:

Thanks to All Our Volunteers!

Webuquerque just wouldn't be the same without helping hands from our community members:

Want to help? Let us know if you'd like to lend a hand. Interested in speaking? Let us know that too!

Stay Tuned for Our Next Event!

For our February 2 event, Emily Lewis will discuss how to take your markup to eleven with advanced HTML techniques:

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