Recap: Social Media Means Business

February 6, 2009 Emily Lewis

For our February 4 event, Jason Nakai and Matthew Reichbach and Scott Westerman discussed using social media for business and communication. If you were unable to attend or need a refresher, we've got you covered:


Scott Westerman, Vice President for Comcast's operations in the Southwest, kicked off the discussion with his experiences using Twitter to improve Comcast's customer service.

Scott explained that "social media" is simply another form of communication — like phone and email. Using social media, he added, isn't about giving people canned responses. It is about people, so if you are going to get involved, be prepared to have a conversation.

Scott also talked about the importance of being proactive and paying attention to what is said about your company in today's social media. This gives you the chance to listen and then help people resolve their problems. He also said it is important for companies to be proactive regarding their employees' use of social media, explaining that most employees are going to use it regardless of policy so it is best to train them to do so effectively.

Matthew Reichbach, a NM politics blogger, talked about how he uses Twitter and Facebook to promote his blog and work with the New Mexico Independent.

Matt mentioned using Twitter Feed to promote his blog on Twitter. But, like Scott, Matt stressed the importance of the personal relationships and engaging in conversation on Twitter. He also talked about how he used ChipIn in conjunction with his blog and Facebook to help raise funds to and attend last year's Netroots Nation conference, as well as the Democratic National Convention.

Jason Nakai, Webuquerque co-manager and Multimedia Developer for the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, concluded the presentation talking about how Webuquerque is using social media.

Jason, too, emphasized that technology simply enables the social relationships; that it's the people, relationships and conversation that are the key to a successful social media effort. Jason provided suggestions for how to choose social media for a business campaign and discussed tools like Vimeo, Upcoming, Flickr and our local Duke City Fix.


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For our March 4 event, Emily Lewis and Jason Nakai will discuss CSS, covering everything from basic syntax, to tools and resources, to what's new in CSS3:

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