Recap: Interaction Design & Agile Development

April 7, 2009 Emily Lewis

For our April 1 event, Kevin Silver discussed how to integrate interaction design into agile development. If you were unable to attend or need a refresher, we've got you covered:


I won't even hesitate to say that, for me, Kevin's presentation was one of the best we've had at Webuquerque thus far. Informative, engaging and full of geeky goodness. But geeky goodness that was really easy to understand and, I believe, completely relatable to anyone … not just web developers.

Here are some highlights:

After the presentation, Kevin fielded a number of practical questions about design as it relates to some of today's popular social networks. He discussed some failures, some successes, and offered advice for how to effectively implement design change in some of our attendees' own sites.

Personal Note

Kevin will soon be relocating to Maine, where he has accepted a great job with unlimited opportunity.

This news is wonderful for Kevin and his young family, but sad for our local community. Personally, it kills me to know that such great talent is moving out of state, because New Mexico still doesn't have the job market or opportunities to support this talent.

As I've mentioned before, one of the reasons for Webuquerque is to help the community by connecting web professionals.

Our hope is that the more we meet, talk and teach, the more opportunities that we can create and share with each other. And then, perhaps, jobs and work will stay in state, so our talent stays in state.

Because I, personally, love it here in Albuquerque. But I also know that if I didn't have my current telecommuting situation, it would be unlikely that I could stay and work in state.

This has got to change.


Video of the presentation is available on Viddler:

Slide Deck

The slide deck is available on SlideShare:


Photos are available on Flickr:

Stay Tuned for Our Next Event!

For our May 6 event, Emily Lewis and Virginia DeBolt will discuss principles of web standards and accessibility, and demonstrate how to use Dreamweaver to achieve both:

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