Recap: A CSS Survey

March 12, 2009 Emily Lewis

For our March 4 event, Emily Lewis and Jason Nakai discussed CSS, covering everything from basic syntax, to tools and resources, to what's new in CSS3. If you were unable to attend or need a refresher, we've got you covered:


I kicked off the presentation with a discussion of the basics:

Jason followed, talking about his experience working with legacy CSS … that is, CSS inherited from an existing site by a previous web designer/developer.

In his case, best practices weren't used, so he offered tips and suggestions for taking that legacy CSS and transitioning to best practices:

I then concluded the presentation, demonstrating several simple (and fun … at least to me) techniques to enhance the web visual experience with CSS2 and CSS3:

The presentation covered an extremely wide range of CSS information (hence the "Survey" title).

As this is our first year, Jason and I weren't entirely sure what, specifically, our audience wanted and/or what their level of experience was. As such, we felt a broad stroke of CSS information was the best bet to give everyone at least something of interest.

We hope we accomplished this. And if we didn't, let us know. We love feedback, constructive criticism and even complaints.

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Video of the presentation is available on Viddler:

Slide Deck

The slide deck for this presentation is available online:

A CSS Survey


Photos are available on Flickr:

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For our April 1 event, Kevin Silver will discuss how to integrate interaction design into agile development:

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