June Event Cancelled

April 30, 2010 Emily Lewis

Bad timing with conference travel and a loss of a speaker means that our June 2, 2010 presentation is cancelled. As a result, we've done a bit of reshuffling.

Jack Moffitt was originally scheduled to speak in June on lossy audio and video compression. We also scheduled Andrew Hedges to speak about Webkit development in July.

Unfortunately for us, great for Andrew, he is leaving our fair Duke City for an enviable opportunity in the Bay Area with Digg. Jack, meanwhile, graciously agreed to take the July spot for his presentation.

Update Your Calendars!

We've already updated all our calendars, now it's your turn:

Don't Forget Us In May!

Our next presentation is right around the corner on May 5, 2010, beginning at 6:30pm at One Up.

For Don't Let Success Bring Your Web Site Down, local web specialists Mick Thompson and Chris Kenworthy will discuss web hosting from the basics up to more advanced techniques to make sure your site is always available. They will also include a look into how cloud computing can be used enhance and/or host your whole site.

Eventbrite registration for this event is filling up fast. Grab your spot now!