May 5, 2011 Emily Lewis

Changes for Webuquerque in 2012

By the end of 2011, Webuquerque will have been going strong for three years! Three years!

When Jason and I started the group, we had no idea how it would turn out or if anyone other than our friends would show. Thanks to our incredible community, though, Webuquerque has surpassed what we dreamed. Not only do we have a solid group of regulars, but we welcome newcomers every month. And, now, instead of scrambling for speakers, we have wealth of people already eager to present for next year.

I've heard from members who credit Webuquerque with job opportunities, as well as those who consider Webuquerque the local resource for today's most relevant web design/development information. And, personally, I attribute Webuquerque as the reason I've made so many incredible personal and professional connections.

So, it is with tremendous pride (and, admittedly, a knot in my throat) that Jason and I announce we are stepping down as Webuquerque's co-managers at the end of 2011.

New Leadership

We are equally proud to also announce that Webuquerque regular and speaker Brian Arnold will be assuming the primary leadership role next year!

Brian has been with Webuquerque almost since the beginning, during our days at Uptown. In addition to being an invaluable team member for Geeks Who Drink trivia, Brian is a talented and informative speaker, giving two presentations for Webuquerque. He is also enthusiastic about our community, and has extremely high standards for quality and information.

All of this combined is why Jason and I sought Brian out. We didn't want to hand our baby over to just anyone. We wanted someone who would be committed to Webuquerque's future, our members and the larger community.

Jason and I both consider Brian a trusted friend, and we have enormous respect for him as a web professional. Best of all, though, Brian is the kind of guy you can count on. Which means, we couldn't have more confidence in his ability to lead Webuquerque.

We Want You!

Regardless of how awesome Brian is, Webuquerque just isn't a one-person job. It isn't even a two-person job, which is why we love our volunteers so very much.

If you are interested in helping Brian manage Webuquerque next year, let us know!

We are looking for folks who can reasonably commit to a full year in 2012, so that the group has consistency in leadership and Brian doesn't have to invest time/energy in transitioning tasks to new people during the year. We are looking for someone with "follow through" and, most importantly, an enthusiasm for helping our community grow and succeed.

If that sounds like you, talk to Brian, Jason and myself.

New Roles

While the daily, monthly and annual talks will fall to Brian and his leadership team, Jason and I will still be involved with Webuquerque.

Specifically, Jason will be available until June 2012 to assist the leadership transition as needed. And both of us will remain as "advisors" if the leadership requests our assistance or the group needs our involvement.

Additionally, Jason and I will retain ownership of the name "Webuquerque" and the web site. Which means I will finally have time to actually finish this site.

Of course, we plan to become Webuquerque requlars and, hopefully, speakers during the years to come.

The Plan

For the next six months, Jason and I will be transitioning the group to Brian. As other co-managers emerge, they, too, will be transitioned. The plan is to have all of the logistical information and roles 100% in the hands of Brian's team by the end of this year.

Brian's team will be 100% responsible for next year's agenda and speaker line-up. As of now, there are no plans to change venue, but the three of us will be looking at a larger space in One Up. There also aren't current plans to change date or time.

That said, the group will evolve. There will be additional changes. Just stay tuned. We promise to keep you posted as the transition progresses. And, trust me, I have every confidence that whatever does change, will be change for the better.