CS5 Giveaway

May 3, 2010 Emily Lewis

Due to the changes in our summer schedule, we are going to have our mid-year software raffle at our May 5 event, Don't Let Success Bring Your Web Site Down.

Free Web Premium CS5

As an Adobe user group, we are able to giveaway a copy of Adobe's Web Premium suite and thanks to the recent CS5 launch, that's the version we're giving away. Web Premium CS5 includes:

The winner will be able to select whether he/she wants the Mac or PC version.

How the Raffle Works

Speaking of the winner, we've made some changes this year regarding our mid-year software raffle. This time around, we will be drawing from the names of attendees from all of our 2010 events to date. So if you attended our February presentation, but can't attend this Wednesday, your name will still be included in the raffle.

Just like last year, though, 2010 speakers are not eligible for the mid-year drawing, even if they were attendees at another one of our events. Instead, all of our speakers will be in their own (with better odds) drawing for Web Premium CS5 at the end of this year.

Registration Full

Registration is already full for this week's presentation. However, the waitlist is open. Get your name on it in case we get a cancellation (which we usually do the day of the event).

If you don't secure a spot for the presentation, that doesn't mean you've missed out on the fun. Anyone can join us at One Up Elevated Lounge after the presentation (normally around 7:30pm). We'll be playing billiards, grabbing some nosh and just hanging out until at least 8:30 (many folks stay longer). No RSVP or registration required. Just show up!