Clearing Up Confusion

February 4, 2010 Emily Lewis

A number of people have expressed confusion and frustration about our new registration requirements and since Webuquerque is about you, our attendees, we decided to try to clear a few things up in hopes of eliminating any concerns.

Limited Occupancy

We now have a new venue. It is far superior to our accommodations from last year, particularly the fact it is an enclosed space which helps with sound issues. It is also a free space, which means that Webuquerque events can continue to be free to you.

However, the space only comfortably seats 40 people, and we have no desire to test "uncomfortable" occupancy limits. We want the people who attend our events to be comfortable and able to hear the presentation.

Enter Eventbrite

To help us achieve that goal, we are asking you to now register for all future events using Eventbrite.

Each of our monthly events will be set up on Eventbrite, and we will provide you a link to register. For example, our March 3 presentation on social media is now on Eventbrite and open for registration.

If you follow us on Facebook, Adobe User Groups, Duke City Fix or Upcoming, we will still be adding our events to those social networks. By default, some of those networks have an RSVP system that you can use. However, we will only be using Eventbrite registrations to determine attendance for our events.

So, if you choose to RSVP on Facebook (or another network), be sure that you also register on Eventbrite.

Please note: We are not on If you encounter one of our events on this site, please note that you must still register through Eventbrite. RSVPs from will not be honored.


Eventbrite has a waitlist system that we are using. So if 40 people have registered, other people can add themselves to the waitlist in the event that a registration is cancelled or we can accommodate more attendees.

One Up does have an alternative space that we can use if we have an unusually large waitlist and can provide significant advanced notice. However, this space is not enclosed (so we'd be back to the sound issues) and does not provide a large screen television, so we do not plan to use it this year unless absolutely necessary.

Canceling Registrations

Shit happens, so if you have registered on Eventbrite but discover you cannot attend the event, please contact us before the event and we will cancel your registration without penalty.

However, if you fail to cancel your registration and do not show for an event three times during the year, your name will be dropped to the bottom of all future event attendance lists and we cannot guarantee your seat.

A Better Webuquerque

We realize that these changes are frustrating for some of our attendees. We ask that you consider the benefit of the group over your personal preferences.

Not enforcing an attendance limit means that the people who do show up could be subjected to a less–than–pleasant experience. And not penalizing no-shows isn't fair to people who might've been waitlisted.

Additionally, our events draw an average of 25 attendees. Only two events from last year had attendance over 40 people. So we do not anticipate our new registration limits to be an issue.

We are continually working to make our group the best it can be for you. Please bear with us as we try this new approach. And if you have a complaint or concern, please voice it! But remember, complaints and concerns are most useful when accompanied by suggestions and solutions.