Calling All Volunteers

July 9, 2010 Emily Lewis

In order to keep Webuquerque going, Jason and I need some help. You might be surprised how much time and energy it takes to do all the "little" things we do to support this community. And, unfortunately, it is starting to wear.

But we still love this community and still feel there is so much more potential. What we need are some folks to help us out, so of course we are turning to our Webuquerque community.

How You Can Help

Here are some specific tasks we need volunteers for, so please take a look and let us know if you'd like to lend a hand.

Most of these tasks are needed for each event, but you don't have to volunteer for all of them. Feel free to pick a particular event if you'd like. Even feel free to take on just one aspect of the tasks below.

Ideally, though, we'd love to have regular volunteers we can count on each time.

Designated photographer for each event
  • We can provide the camera, or you can use your own.
  • You would need to arrive early to events (around 6:10 pm), so you can take photos of before.
  • We want photos of the speaker and audience throughout the presentation.
  • We also want to continue the new tradition of taking pictures of our door prize winners.
  • There is no need to stay after the presentation to take photos unless you want to.
  • Photos need to be uploaded to a Flickr photoset that is public and shared.
  • All people in the photos need to be tagged, as well as keyword tags
  • All photos need to be uploaded to the Webuquerque group pool.
Designated Twitterer for each event
  • Need to use Webuquerque's Co-Tweet account, so you will need to bring a laptop, or we can lend you one.
  • Prior to each event, need to tweet what the presentation hashtag is and then be sure to use it in all updates.
  • Live tweet observations, comments, takeaways from the presentation.
  • When presentation is over, a final thank you update, mentioning that recap will be posted soon.
  • Lastly, an update with details for next month's presentation, including link on Webuquerque site.
Recap for each event
  • This is simply a text recap of the event. If you want to go with bullet points, fine. Want to write a tome, fine too. We just need a written perspective of the presentation.
  • You will not need to post it in HTML or deal with the video, photo and deck embeds. All we need is someone paying close attention and taking notes that can be translated into a brief (or not so brief) recap.
  • You can feel free to cross-post your text review on your blog or anywhere you like.
EOY survey preparer and analyst
  • Working with both Jason and I, compile a list of questions to ask the community. This may involve taking time during our events to talk to people about what's on their minds regarding the community and Webuquerque.
  • Create the survey form in Webuquerque's Wufoo account and test thoroughly.
  • Make sure survey is designed to reflect Webuquerque's logo and "brand" (can use 2009 survey for point of reference).
  • Survey to be published in November, closed before Thanksgiving, so we can review results before end of year.
  • Provide Jason and I a summary (Wufoo provides automatic charts) of results we can share with community.
Book reviewers

We get free books from our sponsors, but many require that we write reviews in exchange for their free publications. And then we use these free books to give away as our door prize raffles. Currently, we have the follow titles awaiting reviews:

Also, if there is a particular book from one of our sponsors you'd like to read and review, just pick from their catalogs and let us know.

Lastly, any review you write for can be cross-posted on your own blog or Amazon or wherever.

Let us know as soon as you can if any of this interests you.

We may have other volunteer opportunities in the future … finding potential new venues, getting topics and speakers for 2010, social networking, event communication and reminders, etc. But we first wanted to start with this list and see what the response was.

We hope you can lend a hand!