Free Webinar

February 18, 2010 Emily Lewis

Developing Android Applications With Java


In addition to the support we get from Adobe, we also have several sponsors who offer free books, swag and other resources.

Thanks to our relationship with O'Reilly, you can register for a free six-week course on Android application development with Java.

Course Details

Instructor Tony Hillerson will take you through a six-week online course to help get you started developing Android Applications with Java.

You'll learn hands-on how to build actual working apps with Eclipse and the Android SDK, as well as the ins–and–outs of Android's features.

More information is available on Eventbrite.

A Bit Late

The course actually started on February 9, but we were only informed about this event this week. Fortunately for you, you can dive in any time.

If you are interested, register on Eventbrite.