2012 Leadership

July 7, 2011 Emily Lewis

Announcing our new leadership team!

Earlier this year, we announced that Jason and I are stepping down as Webuquerque's co-managers at the end of 2011. We also announced we would be passing the torch to our trusted friend and colleague, Brian Arnold.

And Your New Co-Managers Are …

But managing Webuquerque isn't a one-person job. Thankfully, Webuquerque regular and speaker Ben Byrne has accepted the challenge, and will be joining Brian as co-manager starting in January 2012!

Jason and I couldn't have asked for a better team to hand over the day–to–day management of Webuquerque. In fact, Ben was at the top of our list of potential contenders. Like Brian, he's supported Webuquerque from the beginning. And like Brian, Ben has delivered two of our best presentations.

Best of all, Ben is a designer. Brian is a developer. We think this balance of perspectives is perfect for supporting the interest of our current members and will, hopefully, attract new blood to our group.

And Your Volunteer Coordinator Is …

Over the past three years, Jason and I have discovered that managing Webuquerque isn't even a two person job. So, we are thrilled that Zerek Welz is joining Webuquerque's leadership next year as our volunteer coordinator!

Zerek has not only been with us since our early days at Uptown, he's been one of our most reliable volunteers. In fact, pretty much every recap we've had this past year has been courtesy of Zerek. He knows our group, and he knows what it is like to be a volunteer.

Let the Transition Begin!

As planned, we'll be transitioning Webuquerque to Brian, Ben and Zerek over rest of 2011. All of the logistical information and roles will be 100% in the hands of our new leadership by the end of this year.

We promise to keep you posted as the transition progresses, but feel free to let us know if you have any questions.