What You Thought

December 1, 2010 Emily Lewis

Results From Our 2010 EOY Survey

We asked for your feedback, and you delivered! Here's what you told us:

Top 2010 Presentations

The majority of our presentations received positive feedback and comments, but some were favored more than others. Here are your top five presentations listed with links to their recaps:

  1. The Fall of Digital
  2. Fiber/Glass: The Difference Between Print & Web Design
  3. Don't Let Success Bring Your Web Site Down
  4. Red vs. Green and Other Questions: Creating a Vibrant CNM Social Community
  5. An Idiot's Guide to jQuery

We are sharing the feedback you provided us about presentations with each speaker to give them a sense of what you liked and where you thought there could be improvement.

Most Desired Topics for 2011

In terms of what people want to learn about next year, here are to topics ranked in order of interest:

  1. Front-end behavior (JavaScript, Ajax, DOM Scripting)
  2. Styling with CSS2.1 & CSS3
  3. Mobile development
  4. Development (PHP, ColdFusion, ASP, Flash, Flex, Zope, Ruby, Django, Python, etc.)
  5. Markup (XHTML, HTML 4, HTML5)
  6. New web standards for video
  7. Web graphic design (mockups, icon/pixel work, etc.)
  8. Content (strategy, planning, writing, editing)
  9. Self employment and working from home
  10. Business issues (working with government clients, freelancers, small business owners, marketing, etc.)
  11. Usability (UX, IxDA, etc.)
  12. Font embedding (@font-face, licensing, etc.)
  13. Authentication (oAuth, OpenID, Facebook Connect, etc.)
  14. Version Control (SVN, Git, etc.)
  15. Gaming (theory, creation, etc.)
  16. Mapping/GIS
  17. Software tutorials (Flex, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, etc.)
  18. Accessibility (ARIA, 508, WCAG 2.0, etc.)

We are actively working on identifying speakers to cover the most desired topics, and will be posting the final schedule in a few weeks.

General Comments

Several respondents provided general feedback. Here's a representative sampling:

I especially like the sessions when two or more speakers speak. Just shakes things up a bit and keeps it interesting.

Love the new venue. Loved the presentations that went deeper than just the basic overviews.

I appreciate the focus on more technical issues that can affect service offerings and client interactions. There may be other places to get this in town than Webuquerque, but if so, I sure don't know about them. This last year, *every* relatively-technical Webuquerque has been immediately valuable to me both in terms of overall knowledge of the current state-of-the-art in a given area, but also in being able to apply that newfound knowledge to client issues. Timely, worthwhile and satisfying.

Not Changing a Thing

We also asked a few questions about our registration process and venue. The overwhelming majority says everything is fine as it is now, so we aren't making any changes.

Eventbrite will still be our one and only registration system. As we did this past year, we will open registration two weeks prior to each event. And, as with last year, we are limiting attendance to 40 seats.

One Up Elevated Lounge will still be our venue. They are currently undergoing some renovations, so we may have a larger meeting space to utilize later in 2011. However, until we make an official announcement, we will still meet in the room immediately to the left of the main 2nd-floor entrance.

And, finally, our events will remain free of charge.

Congrats to Our Winners

As a token for completing our survey, two of our community members won Amazon gift cards. Congratulations to Andrew Collins and Tom Sanderson!

A Big "Thank You"

We owe thanks to everyone who completed our survey. We really do want Webuquerque to be community-driven, so your input makes a difference. Thank you!

We also owe a huge thanks to our community volunteer, Peter Howley, who helped us craft the survey and analyze the results.

Get Ready for 2011!

We are still organizing our speakers and topics for next year, and expect to have the final line-up posted in a few weeks. But you don't have to wait for our announcement … mark your calendar now for our 2011 events!

We're still meeting at 6:30pm on the first Wednesday of the month at One Up, starting with January 5!

Add all our events to your Google Calendar or download the .ics file.