Take Your Markup to Eleven

Webuquerque in February ‘11

This event has passed. However, the recap is available!

HTML. The foundation of almost every single web site and, yet, one of the most overlooked languages.

It has the power to make your sites more accessible. To help search engines find your site. To make your content sharable and syndicatable. It even has the power to save you time and money.

But, of course, not just any HTML can do all this. Your HTML has to be one louder.

Our very own markup expert, Emily Lewis, will show you how to take your markup to eleven with these advanced HTML techniques:

You'll see practical examples and learn best practices, so you can immediately start writing markup that goes to eleven. And, yes, there will be more Spinal Tap references.

Date, Time & Location

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
6:30–7:30 pm
One Up Elevated Lounge
  • 301 Central NW, 2nd Floor
  • Albuquerque, NM 87102
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About Our Speaker

Emily Lewis

Emily Lewis

Emily is freelance web designer who specializes in front-end design and development. She is passionate about community building and knowledge sharing, which is why she co-founded Webuquerque in 2009 and co-managed the group for three years. She also blogs about web standards, accessibility, usability and more at A Blog Not Limited.

In addition to running her own studio, Emily is the co-host of the ExpressionEngine Podcast and a guest writer for Web Standards Sherpa, Script Junkie, .net magazine and MIX Online. She's also the author of Microformats Made Simple and a contributing author for the HTML5 Cookbook.