An Idiot’s Guide to jQuery

Webuquerque in August ‘10

This event has passed. However, the recap is available!

JavaScript makes the web dynamic by allowing programmers to manipulate the way a web browser interprets the site being viewed. jQuery is by far the most popular JavaScript library out today.

Local web developer Mark Casias will explore the main features of jQuery and discuss some of it's advantages and features. He will also detail the jQuery UI portion to show how to easily create dynamic interfaces and forms. Also there are a lot of third-party plug-ins that greatly enhance the library, making your job as a programmer easy(ish).

Date, Time & Location

Wednesday, August 4, 2010
6:30–7:30 pm
One Up Elevated Lounge
  • 301 Central NW, 2nd Floor
  • Albuquerque, NM 87102
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About Our Speaker

Mark Casias

Mark Casias

Mark is a Web Developer for New Signature. A local web enthusiast, he enjoys working with front-end technologies and can often be heard touting the wonders of the Drupal platform. Living in New Mexico for over twenty years, he plays hockey and tennis.