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Webuquerque in September ‘10

Using ExpressionEngine to impress yourself and your clients

This event has passed. However, the recap is available!

ExpressionEngine is a robust commercial-grade CMS that runs on the ubiquitous PHP/MySQL server environment, without the hassles of needing to know either. EE is an ideal platform for webbies with all scopes of development knowledge, and for clients eager to manage their own sites.

Caroline C. Blaker, a local developer specializing in ExpressionEngine, will take you through EE's HTML/CSS design templating process and show you how to publish content, use useful built-in features, and expand your site's capabilities using EE's impressive network of professional-grade add-ons and customizations. She will also detail ExpressionEngine's easy tagging system which effectively replaces PHP or other programming languages for dynamic functionality directly in your HTML.

If you understand HTML/CSS, a quick introduction to EE can help you create a fully dynamic site right out–of–the–box.

Introducing MojoMotor!

As a special treat, our September presentation will kick-off with a short, 10-minute demonstration of EllisLab's (the makers of ExpressionEngine) new publishing engine, MojoMotor.

With web-based (and context-specific) site editing and maintenance, MojoMotor is a great solution for those sites that don't require all the features and power of ExpressionEgine. You can import an existing site and enable editing within minutes, or create an entirely new site from scratch with intuitive management tools. And if the site requirements grow, MojoMotor can be exported into ExpressionEngine easily.

Our very own Emily Lewis has been beta testing MojoMotor and will show some of the features of this new, easy–to–use and lightweight "publishing engine that does less".

Date, Time & Location

Wednesday, September 1, 2010
6:30–7:30 pm
One Up Elevated Lounge
  • 301 Central NW, 2nd Floor
  • Albuquerque, NM 87102
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About Our Speaker

Caroline Blaker

Caroline Blaker

Caroline is a 7 year web veteran and, having almost as much CMS experience, spent the last 2.5 years developing in ExpressionEngine (including projects for Süd-Chemie, the United Nations, and Shasta Pop) never once having a proper excuse to say "No" to a feature request. She runs her own freelance web development company and also enjoys making Art (her "other" career), cerebral outings, outdoor exercise, and Yoga.