The Changing Face of Web Typography

Webuquerque in May ‘11

This event has passed. However, the recap is available!

Type on the web has evolved significantly over time as designers and developers have fought to overcome limitations on web fonts. In this session, graphic and web designer Ben Byrne will provide a brief history of different techniques that have been used over the years to get around these obstacles, including image replacement and sIFR.

Ben will then dive into the the latest and greatest approach: @font-face. He'll cover the ways it can be used (including third-party tools like Typekit) and what opportunities and pitfalls the latest developments present designers and developers in the brave new world of rich(er) web typography.

Date, Time & Location

Wednesday, May 4, 2011
6:30–7:30 pm
One Up Elevated Lounge
  • 301 Central NW, 2nd Floor
  • Albuquerque, NM 87102
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About Our Speaker

Ben Byrne

Ben Byrne

Ben has a BFA in Graphic Design from Iowa State and has been designing professionally for nearly 13 years. Currently, he is a senior front-end designer for New Signature, where his extensive experience with languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript is put to good use implementing his designs on a variety of CMS platforms.

Prior to joining New Signature, Ben worked as the lead graphic designer and web developer for Firefly Partners. Before that he was at Free Press, where he rolled his own CMS in addition to designing countless brands, brochures and websites (one of which garnered a "People's Choice" Webby award).

Ben can be found on the usual online haunts (Facebook, Twitter, his blog), though his ramblings there have at least as much to do with sports, politics and being a dad as they do with his professional life. He presented on the difference between print and web design for Webuquerque in 2010, which he likes to think was generally well-received.